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MancMade® Productions is an Independent Film, TV, Audio Drama, Podcast & Theatre Production Company.

We Champion New Writing and Actively Support Emerging Acting Talent from Manchester and the North of England

Manchester was a big part of my life for a long time, and I grew to love the kind of smart, committed, creative underground there. The MancMade people are today’s version, and a friend tipped me off about a project they had, called The Visit, which looked like it could be a real jewel, sharp, complex and emotionally resonant, and I wanted to get involved, and I’m delighted they let me.

Lee Child

Exec-Producer, The Visit Film

in production

The Visit Short Film is a fictional story based around the IRA bombing of Manchester in 1996, shot on location in and around Manchester City Centre, written and produced by Paul Ludden.

The Visit is Exec-Produced by author Lee Child and stars Cal MacAninch. It is directed by Jake Murray.

Cal plays Tommy McDaid, for the purpose of The Visit, a fictional character and one of the two bombers (neither were ever caught) who drove the huge lorry bomb into the city centre. We follow him as he returns to the city for the first time, 25 years since that fateful day back in 1996.

The Runner

A young runner, Victoria, pushes herself to mental and physical exhaustion leading to a diagnosis of Amenorrhea, an often unexplored medical condition in women that can have devastating long term consequences.

The Runner


Casino (experimental)

It’s the late 70s in a northern, pit fuelled town, and two best mates Mick and Tony look to have one last night of freedom before venturing into the world of adulthood.

Love Bugged

Sinead is the life and soul of the party. But where do you put that energy in a national pandemic. A funny, sarcastic slice of life in lockdown. How long can you stay in, before you freak out?

Love Bugged

Let the Songbirds Sing

Let The Songbirds Sing

Let the Songbirds Sing is based on the personal experiences of the writer Lisa Whiteside from September 2020 to November 2020 during the Pandemic.

The students from Pendleton School of Theatre in Salford perform a dance piece they created to accompany Lisa’s powerful and emotional narration.

Let the Songbirds Sing also recognises that so many other people had similar experiences throughout that terrible time and are continuing to do so, but it is only the NHS who have been there throughout.

This piece is a THANK YOU to every member of staff that works under the NHS badge of honour in the hope that one day they will get the recognition they truly deserve.

Let the Songbirds Sing was proudly supported by The MancSpirit Charity.

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