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“The Visit started out with a great screenplay, a terrific cast and a committed crew – and even so, it came out better than I dared to hope.  It’s a tiny Swiss watch of a movie, jeweled with elegy, humanity, regret … and an unstated but powerful thread of hope.  I’m proud to have been involved.”

Lee Child

Exec-Producer, The Visit Film

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The visit

IRA man Tommy McDaid is pulled back to Manchester 25 years after he helped plant a huge bomb that devastated the City Centre and changed the course of his life forever.

The Visit is a fictional story based around the actual IRA bombing of Manchester in 1996.

Filmed on location in and around Manchester City Centre.

Written and Produced by Paul Ludden.
Exec-Producer Lee Child.
Starring Cal MacAninch.
Directed by Jake Murray.

We’ve decided to release The Visit for FREE because we want to showcase the work of the actors and crew involved in bringing this film to life to a global audience and don’t want to exclude people who cant afford a rental fee.

MancMade® Productions are currently developing a Feature Length Film Script based on The Visit Short Film.


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