Kisses in the Dark

Against the bright lights of Blackpool, a supernatural killer is at work and a dark and dangerous love affair begins…

A sinister, disturbingly romantic seven part podcast audio drama written by Marty Ross and starring Con O’Neill (Our Flag Means Death, Chernobyl, The Batman) and Rhiannon Clements (Hollyoaks).

A contemporary Gothic horror tale set against a background of life on the narrow edge between Pleasure Beach and wild cold sea, between secret desire and a deadly evil.

Kisses in the Dark was written and recorded (over Zoom) during the first UK Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Kisses in the Dark has charted in 36 countries around the world (Apple Podcasts Charts). As high as #7 in the UK, #15 in the USA, #1 in seven countries.

A co-production between MancMade® Productions & Listening Dog Media.

Produced and Directed by Paul Ludden.

The Pod Play®

World Premiere Plays, recorded live, released as podcasts.

Currently on Season 9.

Home of the #ShortListen Audio Drama, a fantastic way for people to dip in and dip out of a number of genres, drama, comedy, horror and more.

The Pod Play® has charted at #6 in the UK and #44 in the USA Apple Podcast Charts.

Writers.. We’re always looking for new scripts. Any Questions, drop us a message using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

A co-production between MancMade® Productions and Listening Dog Media

Produced and Directed by Paul Ludden.



William (Billy) Livesey is a veteran who is now living in a care home. Suffering with dementia and not being treated well by some an act of kindness allows Billy a few moments of lucidity, taking him back to the life changing incident which took place in the final hours of the battle for Wireless Ridge in the Falklands War of 1982. Everyone has a history.



It’s June 1976 and a group called The Sex Pistols are playing a gig at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester. The group are just starting out and everyone is talking about them and their style of music, ‘Punk Rock’ they are calling it, and Derek wants to be a part of it…

It won’t be easy but he’s just got to get fifty pence for his ticket, coz if there’s going to be Anarchy In The UK then he wants to be part of it, and like Jonny Rotten says he’s got ‘No Future’ plus anyone who’s anyone is going to be there…



In the early 70’s Elvis Presley returns from thirteen years of concentrating on movie roles to perform his “Summer Festival” run of shows in Las Vegas.

What if.. His reinvigorated love for live performance sees him embark on a European tour, eventually bringing him to Manchester in the North of England. A million miles away from the fakery of Vegas and the cauldron like atmosphere he has to deal with in the States.

A chance for Elvis to perform to a new audience, enjoy new experiences and answer questions from a DJ at a fledgling local Manchester radio station.



At Samaritans, they call it compassion fatigue.

When you’ve climbed into that hole, shared that load, walked in those shoes one too many times then realise you don’t care anymore.

Beth thinks she doesn’t, but there’s one caller out there who needs her and no one else will do.

That Great Manc Pod

That Great Manc Pod is Greater Manchester’s Community Podcast. Introducing you to those incredible characters, inspirational heroes and fantastic groups that are at the heart of the Greater Manchester Communities. Bringing The Arts to Communities and creating a real sense of Community in the Arts.

Hosted by Paul Ludden and Damian Carr
Produced by Paul Ludden

the exclusive club that dads don’t wanna belong to

On the 19th October 2022 Trevor Dwyer-Lynch’s world changed forever when his beautiful Son and heir Jordan died in his sleep aged 41.

Over the years Trevor had the sadness of watching 6 of his mates bury their Sons and Daughters now he’s a member of that exclusive group but he doesn’t wanna be part of the “CLUB!”. 

Trevor want to use the podcast to get men together to talk about their experience of grief and “educate” for want of a better word ..” new members” to this club to the feelings they should expect from losing a Son or daughter ..they’ll see the common-denominators between them all.

Hosted by Trevor Dwyer-Lynch
Produced by Paul Ludden
Supported by The MancSpirit Charity


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