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MancMade® Productions will always aim to stand as a Testament to the Transformative Power of Independent Filmmaking and Storytelling


MancMade® Productions proven commitment to championing new and emerging talent ensures that fresh perspectives and innovative ideas take centre stage, fostering a dynamic and diverse creative landscape that celebrates creativity, originality and authenticity within the world of independent entertainment around the world.

By actively championing new and emerging talent across Film, TV, Audiodrama, Podcasts and Theatre we will continue to redefine industry standards, support creativity and above eveything encourage the ambition to think big.

MancMade® Productions will help shape the future of storytelling by creating our own stories and working with others to bring theirs to life.

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Mental Health

Central to our ethos is a deep-seated value for people’s mental health.

In an industry notorious for its demanding schedules, high-stakes pressures, and often cutthroat competition and bullying the well-being of individuals can easily become sidelined and in many cases completely ignored.

We recognise that the most compelling stories emerge from a foundation of well-being, empathy and genuine human connection.

In short, we want people to enjoy working with us at every level.

By prioritising mental health, we try to  create an environment where creativity can flourish authentically, fostering a truly collaborative atmosphere where artists and creators feel valued, supported and empowered.

We will always endeavour to create great entertainement but never at the expense of somebodys mental and/or physical health.

Paul Ludden (CEO) 

Paul Wrote and Produced The Visit Short Film, Exec-Produced by Lee Child and Starring Cal MacAninch.

He also Produced and Directed Kisses in the Dark, the Event Audio Drama Series starring Con O’Neill (which has charted in 36 countries and been #1 in 7, Apple Podcasts Charts) and over 60 Episodes of The Pod Play®, Plays as Podcasts.

He is also the Producer, Director and Co-Host of That Great Manc Pod and The Exclusive Club That Dads Don’t Wanna Belong To Podcasts.

Paul is Married to Antonia and they have 3 sons, Alex, Gabriel and Beau.


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