Episode 40: Heroes Amongst Us Sessions, Les Bedford

This series showcases the lives of people across Trafford that have served in our Armed Forces, their families and also those that have worked, or still work, across the emergency services. Working in partnership with Trafford Veterans CIC we listen to the amazing people in our communities that have seen and done astonishing things, faced some terrible struggles, but who have ultimately found comradery, support and comfort as part of the Trafford Veterans family.

Les Bedford – wow, what a varied & far-reaching episode. Les talks about working in the coal mines of South Yorkshire in his early years, joining & serving with the Coldstream Guards and some of the men’s health issues that he and his fellow soldiers have faced that includes bullying, mental breakdown but nost of all camaraderie. This journey takes us to Belize, Egypt, some thought provoking stories of Northern Ireland, a spell guarding Spandau prison and a few visits to the guard house!

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