Episode 7: Once Upon a Time in Salford

The Salford Sioux, in this age of Corona, are self-isolating in their tepees, down on the Irwell. In these worrying times, the warriors Black Elk, Surrounded by the Enemy and Charging Thunder, along with their one-time boss, Buffalo Bill, tell their tall-tales of how they all ended up in the dirty old town-over Skype. In the background, screaming through the night there are constant ambulance sirens, it disturbs, but the Sioux speak, they laugh, and they cry. The heartaches, the loves, how Salford took them to their hearts, and still do. We begin with a buried tomahawk that’s found whilst building Media City. In between its once upon a time in Salford, and we end today. In the age of Corona. As clouds drift across the moon, they remember trains setting the night on fire. ‘Stay in and stay safe!’ urges Black Elk.

Welcome to the Salford Sioux.

Written by John Ludden.
Produced by Paul Ludden.
Starring Annie Rogers, Louis Emerick, Jack Wagman, Trevor Dwyer-Lynch & Steve Connolly.

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