Tommy McDaid was a fiercely dedicated IRA volunteer when he and his best friend and fellow IRA volunteer Martin McDonagh drove a 1500kg lorry bomb (still the largest bomb detonated on mainland UK since WWII) into Manchester City Centre on Saturday 15th June 1996, the day before Germany were to play Russia at Old Trafford as part of Euro’96.

“The Visit” tells the story of why an older and now seriously ill Tommy returns to Manchester for the first time since that fateful day 25 years earlier.

A day that had huge implications for both the future of Manchester and for Tommy.

“The Visit” is a fictional story based around the actual IRA bombing of Manchester in 1996.

Filmed on location in and around Manchester City Centre, written and produced by Paul Ludden. The Visit is Exec-Produced by author Lee Child and stars Cal MacAninch. Directed by Jake Murray.

“Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet”… Maya Angelou

Written and Produced by Paul Ludden
Executive Producer Lee Child
Directed by Jake Murray
Director of Photography Jenni Suitiala

Starring Cal MacAninch, Trevor Dwyer-Lynch, Seumas Mackinnon, Liam Francis Collins, James Quinn, Shareesa Valentine, Steve Connolly, Jensen Clarke.

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The Runner

A young runner, Victoria, pushes herself to mental and physical exhaustion leading to a diagnosis of Amenorrhea, an often unexplored medical condition in women that can have devastating long term consequences.

Supported by ITV Studios North.


The Runner

Love Bugged

Sinead is the life and soul of the party. But where do you put that energy in a national pandemic. A funny, sarcastic slice of life in lockdown. How long can you stay in, before you freak out?

Filmed just before the first national UK Covid lockdown. 

Exec-Producer, Emmy Award Winning, Matt Bloom.

Love Bugged

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