Episode 14: The #CarlingSessions with Mark Forster

Welcome to the 9th of our Carling Sessions, supported by the Carling Made Local Fund…

We’ll be showcasing some of the amazing creative talent across our Greater Manchester that would normally be entertaining you in your local, helping them build their audience back and hopefully persuading you to grab a ticket for when they’re back performing live.

In this Episode Damian and I chat with Mark Forster.. Our mate by day and bloody tough MancSpirit Charity trustee by night….and by day, as it turns out. Wouldn’t have it any other way though.

Mark’s background is big business but his love for the spoken word has grown massively, especially during lockdown. He’s even started his own spoken word Insta account, The Bee Bar Barman which is promoting and supporting other spoken word performers and poets. Like AA but using more letters…

His work is breathtakingly good. His future has to be on the open mic. Plenty of open and frank discussions in this Episode and words that will last in your memory a lot longer than the MancMade tradition of us all taking the piss out of each other.

We’re proud of Mark….and we love him loads.

Oh….. and as The Carling Sessions are supported by the Carling Made Local fund just a reminder to always drink sensibly…

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