the man who asks questions

Short Film

Early afternoon, a semi-derelict warehouse on the outskirts of a large Northern City.

“The Banker” is tied to a chair. He’s naked, a mass of congealed blood, bruises and sweat, the result of a sustained beating from two masked men who have remained silent throughout. His eyes slowly focus on the man now stood in front of him.

This man isn’t wearing a mask.

He takes “The Bankers” phone out of his own pocket and begins to make a call. He puts it on speaker…..

The Creative Sessions Podcast


The Creative Sessions Podcast is currently in Pre-Production, with a Season 1 launch towards the end of this year.

I’ll be speaking with Producers, Crew, Writers, Directors and Actors working in Film, TV, Audio-Drama, Podcasting and Theatre.

The aim of the podcast is pretty simple. I want to ask creatives how they do what they do and why.

To open up constructive conversations about the entertainment industry without straying into the whingeing that seems to go on far, far too much.

..and hopefully stick a few smiles on faces.


Feature Film/Streaming Series



kisses in the dark

TV Series based on our “Kisses in the Dark” audio drama podcast series that has charted (Apple Podcast Charts) in over 36 countries..




coup de main

Theatre Project

“Your new life is going to cost you your old one”



Gently Drifting

Short Film

Thirtysomething Louise Robson had everything she always wanted.

Married to the boy she fell in love with, living in the house they had ‘done-up’ together and spending nights picking out girls’ and boys’ names. 

Then, one five-minute chat with her doctor, changed all that – forever.

Everything Louise had dreamed of, hoped for and lived for was over.

How could she possibly go on with life as it was?

This is Louise’s heart-breaking story.




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