“Kisses in the Dark” #35 in American Apple Podcast Charts

Massive to see “Kisses in the Dark” at #35 in the American Apple Podcast Charts today..

Con O’Neill gets great support from his “OurFlag Means Death” family, but the series is a big committment, nearly 7 hrs. So it’s a huge testament to our writer Marty Ross & the cast for keeping listeners enthralled..and a little bit scared..

..and comes at a time we’re preparing to record EP1 of “Lost Souls” (also written by Marty) as a proof of concept for our planned 10 part Event Audio Drama Series..Which I think will be an even bigger global hit than “Kisses In The Dark”, which itself has charted in over 35 countries, been #1 in 7..

LISTEN to “Kisses in the  Dark”

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