Trevor talks about his son Jordan who gained his wings on the 19th October 2022, aged just 41.

Trevor is brutally honest about his struggle with grief, how his life has been completely turned upside down, how family, friends and society in general react to that and how he reacts to them.

Trevor talks about the day Jordan died, his funeral and the hours, days and weeks that followed in the hope that by doing so it will allow other Dad’s to open up about their feelings and experiences. To begin a conversation that might just help them in their own personal journeys.

Without doubt, at times this conversation is deeply upsetting but Trevor also talks about some really beautiful memories of Jordan that will raise a smile for a son, brother, father, husband and friend loved and missed by so many.

TW// Bereavement/ Grief/ Emotional

Trevor is talking with series Producer Paul Ludden in this Episode.

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