Episode 25: The #OurTrafford Sessions.. Ann Marie from Age UK Trafford

Thanks to our friends at Trafford Partnership we’re building on the MancSpirit #OurTrafford Festival (held back in 2020) to chat with people and organisations doing amazing things in the borough of Trafford.

Amongst other things we’ll  be chatting with them about the benefits of starting up their own podcast and/or supporting them in a “take over” of some Episodes of That Great Manc Pod..

In this Episode we chatted with the fantastic Ann Marie Jones, Chief Executive of Age UK Trafford.

Now this Ep, pretty much like most of the others is longer than most podcasts would publish. They’re generally happy to lose a big part of the content to get that sweet spot of 20-30 mins.. We’re not going to do that, especially with Eps like this because they have so much in them that is worth listening too, important information that could help you, a relative, friend etc…Age UK do huge things in our communities to support some of the most vulnerable.. Ann Marie is massively engaging and to the point.. Really enjoyed chatting with her.

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